Tergo Blackguard Rust Converter & Primer - 500ml   (  TERGRUSTCON500M  )

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Blackguard is a liquid rust converter and primer which chemically converts and passivates rust present on the surface to a black film which resists further corrosion. The vinyl acrylic copolymer employed exhibits very low permeability to water vapour and oxygen. NZFSA Approved C23.

For use on rusted ferrous metals encountered in:
- All types of road vehicles
- Building steelwork
- Bridge pylons
- Cranes
- Pipework
- Shipping, etc.

COVERAGE: Due to the variation of rust porosity an application of 10-12m2 per litre at an average film thickness of 75-100 micron per coat is envisaged.

Blackguard has a shelf life and it is advisable to consult our technical department prior to use if any doubt exists.

CAUTION: Do not weld over or apply heat in excess of 100ºC to surfaces that have been treated with Blackguard as gases may be given off and re-rusting may occur

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